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Social App Design for Club Pengiun


For this project, I dove deep into the lore of the once popular online game, Club Penguin. I spent multiple days learning about the game and the penguins that inhabit Club Penguin Island. I did this as a means of learning more about the penguin culture and to find possible issues that the penguins could have that I could solve with an app. I chose to tackle the issue of the penguins being forgotten by their players and having to take over responsibility of the things that the player would normally do. This app also provides the penguins the ability to connect with one another.



Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator

Things Learned

Through this project, I learned a ton about the design thinking process. I also learned way more about the Club Penguin lore than I had ever thought possible. This project provided me the opportunity to learn more about clipping masks, as well as providing me with many refreshers about the basics of Adobe Illustrator.